Blaster 6 Bottles of Devil 0.25g 3300 BBs - Save €10.95!

by Blaster
SKU bb_6blast025g3kdev
  • A pack of 6 bottles with 3300 BBs per bottle, save €10.95!
  • Premium grade BBs from Blaster Devil. Made in Japan.
  • Blaster Devil BBs only vary between 5.96 mm and 5.98mm in dimension, making them extremely consistent in size. In addition to the high consistency of the dimensions, all Blaster brand Airsoft BB’s have received a special coating for improved smoothness/lubrication, ensuring almost no loss of compression when shooting. The high consistency in dimensions and the special coating makes for an extremely high quality airsoft BB, placing the Blaster brand among the very best of the Airsoft BBs available on the market today.
  • 3300 0.25g BBs.
  • These BBs are perfectly round with no seam lines and are suitable for all airsoft guns.
  • Highly polished finish.
  • Quality brand name.
  • Come in a convenient plastic bottle.
  • Available in bulk at great prices on request.

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