Blaster Devil 0.28g 3300 BBs in Bottle

by Blaster
SKU 19412
  • New 3300 bottle with wider pouring spout.
  • The Blaster Devil are a brand of high quality BBs from ActionSportGames A/S, based on the well known brand of precision airsoft pellets, the Blaster BB’s.
  • The Blaster Devil BBs undergo strict quality control, are carefully selected, bottled and controlled to ensure the highest standard possible.
  • With a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm the BLASTER DEVIL BB’s raise the standards for quality precision BB’s. 
  • A true Diamond grade precision Airsoft BB, The Blaster Devils are the evil side of the family!
  • These are the heavier 0.28g BB for steadier, more accurate flight.
  • Highly polished finish.
  • Quality brand name.
  • Come in a convenient plastic bottle.

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