Bollé Anti-Fog Spray - 500ml Bottle

by Bollé
  • A highly effective anti fog formula helps prevent condensation build up on most airsoft eyewear, including glasses and goggles.
  • Silicone free, its aqua formula guarantees perfect cleaning and protection for your glasses and goggles.
  • For all types of lenses* (*except Anti-Reflective coated lenses)
  • Comes in a massive 500ml bottle and has a countless amount of spray applications.
  • Also include an anti-bacterial additive to kill germs.
  • Simply spray onto a microfibre cloth and wipe it over the lens surface. Wipe off any liquid excess, leaving a thin film of the solution on the lens surface.
  • The last anti-fog you'll need to buy.
  • Please read instructions before use.

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