Bollé Tracker ll Protective Glasses - Yellow Lens

by Bollé
  • Supreme quality protective glasses from Bollé.
  • These glasses feature the yellow lens option.
  • Incredibly lightweight at only 52g, you barely know you're wearing them.
  • Featuring Bollé's patented anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses. Even though the lenses have an anti-fog coating, they will still fog up if you perspire enough. We recommend the use of anti-fog spray product with any sealed/wrap-around eyewear.
  • The 2.2mm lenses are also ballistically tested, so they easily meet the requirements of airsofters (rated up to 120metre/sec hit).
  • Polycarbonate frame features upper and lower protection via a unique design and side ventilation at the ends of the lenses.
  • Interchangeable reinforced foam that contacts with the wearers face.
  • The 20mm elasticated nylon strap is very comfortable and highly adjustable, with a nonslip finish.
  • Comes supplied with an individual microfiber pouch to keep your goggles safe.
  • The Tracker lls can also accept an optical insert for prescription glasses wearers (available in this same section).
  • Meets specification for EN 166 - Permanent Wear and EN 166 - Impact at extreme temperature (-5 / +50*C). 
  • Very stylish design.

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