Classic Army SCAR H MK17 - Tan

SKU 20890
  • Classic Army have been a mainstream manufacturer in the airsoft world for many years, with broad range of intermediate and high end AEGs.
  • The SCAR H sits towards the higher end of their line up, with fantastic build quality and excellent performance out of the box.
  • This is the tan variant of the MK17. As it is the H (heavy) model, it does not accept standard M4 magazines and requires the use of SCAR H magazines, available from our store.
  • What's unique about this model is the included outer barrel extender that is included in the box, which allows you to lengthen of shorten your barrel as required. Just unscrew the flash hider and screw the extender on to the 14mm CCW thread, and reinstall your flash hider.
  • Classic Army also include a longer inner barrel in the box allowing you to match the inner barrel with the outer barrel if so desired. Note that changing your inner barrel length can increase your power output so be sure to match your main power spring to keep the gun under your countries legal limit.
  • Quick change spring system, simply remove a receiver screw on either side of the gun and the top allen screw behind the rear sight and the stock can be removed, exposing the quick change system.
  • Battery (not included) is housed inside the adjustable stock. Hinge the stock open and remove the lower allen bolt in the stock (not the gun) and you can slide the rear section of the stock out exposing the battery compartment.
  • Integrated mosfet system for protecting your trigger contacts.
  • 20mm top rail allows the attachment of any 20mm optic.
  • Foldable metal iron sights included.
  • Further 20mm rails located on the handguard which allow the attachment of 20mm accessories like grips, flashlights, PEQ boxes etc.
  • MK17 markings stamped on the upper receiver.
  • Stock can be folded to one side to make the AEG more compact.
  • Selectable safe, semi and full auto fire. Adjustable hop-up unit located behind the dummy bolt, which can be cycled forwards and backwards by hand.
  • Includes 470rd high capacity magazine. Winding required.
  • You also get a quality protective drawstring bag.
  • Magazines available here
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 3.2kg
  • Length: 750-790mm
  • Battery: 9.6V small type 1600mAh/7.4V 1300mAh Stick (not included)
  • Charger: Non-smart charger (not included)

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