ClawGear KD One Belt - Coyote

SKU 22782
  • This high end Modular single layered belt from ClawGear comes with a wide range of applications. 
  • The quality of this belt is apparent as soon as you pick it up, with high end materials and cutting edge design.
  • Featuring 44mm Mil Spec webbing and 25mm Austrialpin Cobra buckle to provide lightweight, stable and comfortable belt platform. 
  • Clawgear G-Hook fixing will keep the belt size in one place. Incorporated layer of Tacticoat Reinforced with laser cutted PALS allows to attach additional equipment, such as first aid kit, cargo, multitool or flashlight pouches - whatever you might need to fulfill your task.
  • Clawgear's nylon equipment is designed to increase the operator's performance and fightability. 
  • These products are optimized to be as versatile and lightweight as possible, the use of proprietary Tacticoat and Tacticoat Reinforced materials same time massively increases the durability and lifetime.
  • This belt comes in Coyote.

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