ASG (Modify) Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle - Grey - M90 Model

by ASG
SKU 19635
  • Brand new for 2021, the continued licensing partnership between ASG and Steyr has produced another cracking replica, this time manufactured by respected brand Modify.
  • Available in black and grey, this is the grey model.
  • The ASG Steyr Scout is a 1:1 replica of the hugely popular lightweight real steel rifle. The airsoft version is much like the real thing, with the primary firing components made from metal (bolt handle, cylinder, trigger housing, barrel and top rail) and the body components made from a variety of lightweight polymers and plastics.
  • The fit and finish of this replica really is top quality, with no rattles or body movement.
  • As this is an officially licensed product, you get authentic Steyr trades stamped on the upper receiver of the rifle.
  • A compact and lightweight rifle, coming in at approx 2.1kg and measuring 1000mm in length.
  • A handy rear storage compartment is accessible from the underside of the stock, where you can also house an additional magazine.
  • The Scout features an innovative integrated bipod system, which allows a section of the forward stock to separated into two sturdy bipod legs. Activate it by pressing the release button on the underside of the stock.
  • The adjustable hop-up system is also located behind the bipod legs, so unfolding one leg is required to access the hop lever (accessible from both sides).
  • Unlike the real Scout, the magazine is located in a more forward location. Includes a single 32 round magazine. The dummy magazine that mimics the real steel magazine location is actually a secondary compartment where you can store additional items, for example allen tools or flashlight batteries.
  • The top rail is high quality, matt black aluminium with integrated 20mm rails.
  • Allows the attachment of any 20mm scope rings.
  • The bolt action is incredible smooth and allows for easy, consistent cycles of the bolt.
  • Single shot; lift the bolt handle, pull it back to prime the piston, push forwards again and lower the bolt handle. Pull the trigger to release the pistol and fire a single shot.
  • Innovative rotary safety lever located behind the bolt handle, with easily identifiable safe and not safe indicators. 
  • Sling swivel millet available here.
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Weighs: 2.110g (with no scope attached)
  • Fires at: 280-290fps (M90 model)

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