CYMA CM.125 USP AEP - Black

SKU 24553
  • A universal service pistol replica from CYMA in AEP form.
  • Fixed slide design (no blowback), it fires in both semi and fully automatic modes.
  • Unlike a lot of AEPs, this is a surprisingly realistic model, weighing in at a respectable 779g with a high quality matt finish.
  • Slide mounted selector allows the shooter to choose between semi and fully automatic fire modes.
  • The power isn't as good as from a GBB pistol, shooting at 230fps. However this power is consistent in the heat or in the cold and has no cool down effect.
  • Full metal slide.
  • White dotted sights.
  • Adjustable hop-up is located underneath the slide.
  • Pistol is made from a mixture of metal and quality ABS plastic.
  • The pistol has a fixed slide, so no blowback function, however it shoots at a respectable 12 BBs a second depending on charge.
  • Full-metal magazine is a stick type which holds 30 BBs. Additional magazines available here.
  • Battery and charger included. 2 pin connection on charger plug.
  • Fires at: 230fps
  • Weighs: 750g
  • Length: 196mm


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