Evolution E-416 ETS Rifle

  • The Evolution E-416 range is based on the popular HK416 platform, with lots of features not typically seen at this price point.
  • You get a full metal upper and lower receiver with white stamped E-416 markings on the magazine well. Other metal parts include the outer barrel, front and rear sights, fire selector, magazine release, sling hook, charging handle and buffer tube.
  • This is the full size model and ships with a 14.5" outer barrel and 9" 20mm railed handguard. The inner barrel is 6.01mm in diameter.
  • The handguard allows attachment of 20mm accessories on all four sides.
  • The pistol grip and stock are classic 416 style.
  • The stock is fully adjustable with 6 positions. It also houses the battery (not included) and is designed for split cell batteries like a 9.6V cranestock or 7.4V 1300mAh Sticks shape.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • As this is an ETS lll enabled AEG, it sports Evolution's proprietary electronic trigger system that features:
  • Configurable fire selector, adjustable trigger repsonse, burst mode, precocking, ramping, active brake, full cycle control, ROF control, smart trigger auto boost, automatic Li-Po, Li-Fe and voltage detection, low battery warning and a battery fail safe mode.
  • The E-416 ships with a 130rd polymer mid-capacity magazine. Accepts pretty much all standard M4 AEG magazines.
  • Working bolt catch system. Pull back on the charging handle and the dust cover flips open, locking back the dummy bolt. Hit the bolt catch and the bolt snaps shut.
  • Rotary-style hop-up unit for accurate adjustment.
  • The front and rear sights are full metal and completely removable.
  • Quick change spring system (just the buffer tube needs to be removed to access).
  • Battery here, Charger here.
  • Wired to a deans connector.
  • Includes Tamiya connecter adapter in box. 
  • If using a Tamiya connector battery ensure Tamiya adapter is used.
  • Deans battery here , Tamiya battery here , Charger here.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 3.06kg
  • Length: 810-890mm
  • Battery: 9.6V 1600mAh cranestock/7.4V 1300mAh Li-Po Sticks (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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