FMA 9mm Pistol/Scorpion/MP7 Magazine Pouch - Black

by FMA
  • Quality plastic magazine pouches which can mount to most belts or MOLLE vests.
  • Sports an internal rubber liner, which helps secure the magazine in place.
  • Accepts many types of pistol mags and holds them in place with a clever elasticated cord system.
  • With no traditional flap or buckle, inserting and removing magazines from these pouches is lightening fast; just push them in firmly and whip them out just as quick.
  • Black in colour.
  • Various magazines that fit are M9, Glock, PX4, HK45, P226, Five Seven, Desert Eagle, Scorpion EVO, Vector, ARP9, MP5 and MP7. Different brands or types of magazine may fit differently.

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