FMA Flash Bang Grenade Trigger Holster for MK13 Grenade - Desert

by FMA
  • A high quality Flash Bang Trigger pouch designed for the MK13 Flash Bang grenade.
  • Made from super tough ABS plastic, which makes the Trigger Pouch durable and safe.
  • One handed operation for fast extraction.
  • For setting up the holster with the grenade; Open the top cover, Insert the grenade in the Trigger Pouch; make sure the safety lever is secured within the lever protection. Before closing the top cover, ensure that the pull ring is hidden between the grenade and the back of the pouch, close the top cover. 
  • Pressing the two side release levers will release the grenade into your hand.
  • Suitable dummy grenades that fit can be found here.
  • Desert Tan in colour.

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