FMA Helmet Counterweight (Balance Bag) - Dark Earth

by FMA
SKU 17732
  • This counterweight kit from FMA is a customisable weight management system with five removable 70g weights that fit into five elastic pockets inside the pouch.
  • It is designed for use on helmets outfitted with ARC Rails and also work great with the FMA Fast helmets.
  • The back of the weight bag features hook and loop Velcro which is strong enough to hold the bag in place, but it is better to secure it to the two screws on either side of the helmet for a secure fit.
  • Counterweights are a great way to balance your helmet if you are using NV goggles or recording equipment like GoPros that attach to the front of your helmet.
  • Weights can be removed individually to accurately adjust the amount of counterweight you need.
  • You can also secure some spare batteries in the pouch if some weights are removed; CR123A fit perfectly.
  • The total weight of the system is 350 grams.
  • This pouch is Dark Earth in colour.

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