FMA IPSC Race Master Holster - Black

by FMA
  • This IPSC type speed holster is made of rigid ABS.
  • It offers a very secure locking system. It has a quick release design so that you can draw your pistol in a fraction of a second yet it offers a locking lever when you absolutely need your pistol to stay in its holster.
  • The holster offers 4 positions of adjustment so that you can get the holster in a perfect position for your draw.
  • It has an adjustable trigger guard width which allows for easy adjustment to fit most types of pistols.
  • No front end retention so the length of the pistol does not matter. This allows for pistols with compensaters, extended barrels or even pistols with silencers.
  • Belt loop attachment fits up to a 38mm belt. 
  • This holster will work with Hi-Capa variants, most 1911s and other pistols that have a very slim trigger guard (will not work with USPs, MK23s etc).
  • Black in colour.

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