by FMA

  • This is FMA's premium PEQ LA-5C unit, with full functionality.
  • It sports an IR illuminator, visible and IR lasers, windage and elevation adjustment and pressure pad.
  • Unlike cheaper models, the LA-5C ships with a full power IR laser, with a 0.41mW output on Low and 24.4mW output on High. IR laser range is 600-2000 metres (low to high).
  • Visible laser output is 5mW on Low and 20mW on High. Maximum range is 150 metres (day) and 2000 metres (night).
  • Illuminator output is 2.25mW on Low and 56mW on High. Range is 600 metres on Low, 4000 metres on High.
  • The unit fits any standard 20mm rail and easily secured with a thumb screw.
  • The 20mm mount assembly is made from steel for long lasting operation.
  • Controls include the power button, function selector and adjustment dials.
  • Lens caps keep all lenses protected when not in use (remove when in use).
  • Takes a single CR123a battery, max operation is approx 3 hours.
  • Function LED indicator when laser is activated.
  • Two different coloured sets of warning sticks included.
  • Black in colour.

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