FMA MP7A1 Mock Suppressor For MP7 w Flash Hider - Black

by FMA
Sold out
  • This MP7-style silencer from FMA is a substantial piece, coming in at 275g with full metal construction.
  • It has a slick satin black finish with foam internals, wrapped around a large internal spring.
  • Also includes an MP7 flash hider.
  • The silencer will also attach directly on to the included flash hider (perfect fit on all brands of MP7 cannot be guaranteed).
  • Spring loaded release mechanism, just push the large circular ring at the back of the silencer to the side and you can release from the flash hider.
  • Suppressor measures 220mm x 35mm.
  • End caps can be unscrewed to allow access to the internals.
  • As with all foam-filled silencers, check the silencer bore is clear before attaching to your rifle.
  • Included flash hider is CW, so fits the Umarex AEG MP7. 
  • Does not fit the Marui models.
  • Sports HK trademarks and 4.6mmx30 caliber markings.

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