FMA PEQ15 Box Light & Laser - Black

by FMA
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SKU TB0066

  • This compact PEQ15 box from FMA has a functioning precision red laser with integrated LED flashlight.
  • The PEQ box has 3 different modes of operation, red laser mode, flashlight mode or both red laser & flashlight. These modes are set by adjusting the switch on the rear of the unit.
  • The unit fits any standard 20mm rail and easily secured with a thumb screw.
  • The laser & light is powered by two CR123A batteries.
  • The flashlight is listed by the manufacturer as being 270 lumens.
  • The included pressure pad has a cord length of 160mm.
  •  The strength of the laser and light can be reduced by using the damping caps on the front of the box.
  • The PEQ box comes with a detailed sticker pack that allows you to personalise your unit.
  • Black in colour.

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