FMA Short Vertical QD Foregrip - Dark Earth

by FMA
Save 10%
  • A tough nylon QD foregrip from FMA that can attach to any 20mm rail system.
  • Allows for a more comfortable grip on the front end of your rifle.
  • With the Quick Detach function it allows you to add and remove this grip to and from your rifles.
  • Installs in a matter of seconds.
  • Simply press the release on the locking lever, pull the lever around by 90 degrees. This allows you to place the grip on a 20mm rail, pull the lever back round to clamp the grip onto the rail.
  • A removable cap on the base of the grip allows for storage of small items such as two cr123a batteries. 
  • Fits all 20mm rails.
  • Dark Earth in colour.

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