FMA Universal Pistol Holster - Tan

by FMA
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  • This right handed Universal Pistol Holster from FMA is a versatile adaptable holster that fully adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of large and small frame pistols.
  • Comes with a mount for attaching to belts. Can fit most size belts.
  • Comes with two extra inserts for different sizes of trigger guards, also comes with a second release.
  • Fits a vast array of pistols ranging from smaller pistols like the PPK up to larger pistols like the Desert Eagle and MK23.
  • There are some fitment issue with pistols that have raised sights.
  • Adjustment is simple and quick by way of velcro closure.
  • Sidearms are secured firmly by way of a moulded composite internal housing. 
  • The weapon is released by means of a push down thumb release.
  • May allow for the use of a RMR or similar small sight.
  • It sports an integrated locking mechanism that clamps down on the trigger guard, locking the pistol securely in place.
  • Releasing the pistol is achieved by gripping the pistol as normal and pushing down on the release lever with your thumb, at the same time pulling the pistol free.
  • The holster itself is very rigid and will not lose its shape.
  • Tan in colour.

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