FMA Tactical Plastic Case - Pick N' Pluck Foam

by FMA
SKU TB1260
  • An incredibly useful case for a wide variety of applications, this tough plastic case from FMA has two layers of Pick N' Pluck foam which allows you to snugly fit and protect your valuable equipment or guns.
  • Case dimensions are 28 x 24.5 x 10.8cm
  • Internal dimensions of the case are 260x197x70mm.
  • Includes two layers of 30mm Pick N' Pluck foam which allow you to remove excess foam and create a snug compartment for your equipment.
  • The inside of the case lid has egg-crate foam, with an additional thin layer below the Pick N' Pluck layers.
  • A rubber seal around the case lid keeps moisture and dust out.
  • Heavy duty plastic clasps keep the case securely closed.
  • Tough plastic handle.
  • Padlock tabs allow the case to be locked.
  • Fits most pistols with space to spare, including M9s, Glocks, 1911s, P226s, MK23 etc. Does not fit Desert Eagles.
  • 805g in weight.

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