G&G GC18 MK18 MOD1 - Black

by G&G
SKU EGC-018-MD1-BNB-NCM / 32107
  • The AEG is based on the CQBR carbine with a sightless gas block and a full length accessory rail which is used by NSWC-Crane, Coastguard, the EOD and Marine Force Recon operators.
  • The GC18 sports a large 10.5" handguard with 20mm rails on all sides.
  • Being a GC model, it comes with a full metal upper and lower receiver with red and white selector markings for safe, semi and fully automatic modes.
  • This is an ETU (electronic trigger unit) enabled AEG, so internally you will find an electronic trigger switch in the gearbox and control mosfet in the buffer tube.
  • The ETU gives the GC18 a phenominal trigger response.
  • This is the black variant, so it ships with a black coloured pistol grip and modstock.
  • The modstock houses the battery (not included) and is six position adjustable.
  • Comes bundled with foldable metal front and rear rights.
  • Ride side lower receiver selector indicator.
  • 10.5" outer barrel.
  • All GC models from G&G ship with a 6.04mm inner barrel and a high torque 25k motor.
  • Also ships with four black coloured rail covers.
  • White stamped markings on the lower receiver.
  • Fires at: 300-305fps
  • Weighs: 2.75kg
  • Length: 740-870mm
  • Battery: 7.4V9.6V/11.1V 1300-1600mAh sticks (not included/11.1V for near exclusive semi auto use only)
  • Charger: Not included

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