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  • Brand new for Summer 2020, the renowned EBR model from G&G now comes with an Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU).
  • This gives the rifle a very snappy trigger response and it no longer has the "gummy" long trigger pull of old.
  • A super-high quality replica of the United States EBR, or Enhanced Battle Rifle. It's a variant of the standard M14 rifle, built for use by special forces groups like the Navy Seals.
  • This is an incredibly heavy and realistic piece, weighing in at 4.24kg with no attachments or battery installed.
  • Everything you touch on the rifle, apart from the handguard, pistol grip and stock is made from metal.
  • This is the short version of the EBR, resulting in an outer barrel and flash hider length of 435mm, with an inner barrel length of 407mm.
  • A 290mm long 20mm rail traverses the entire length of the handguard, whilst smaller 95mm long rails are located on the sides and underside of the handguard.
    A plastic cover on the handguard is removed to install a small-type 9.6V NIMH battery. Also fits compact 7.4V Li-Po batteries.
  • Features selectable semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Safety lever is located inside the front section of the trigger guard like the real steel.
  • Features G&G's reliable version 7 gearbox with 8mm bearings.
  • Includes 470 round full metal high capacity magazine. Available here
  • Metal sights are adjustable for range and elevation. A small 20mm rail section sits forward of the rear sight assembly. This allows the attachment of a rear scope ring on a two-ring setup supporting a telescopic scope.
  • The stock is comprised of solid metal construction and adjusts across six positions from 270mm down to 125mm. Full extended, the EBR S is 1005mm long!
  • Adjustable hop-up located underneath the retractable bolt cover.
  • Highly accurate with the long 407mm barrel.
  • Pulling back on the bolt handle and releasing it gives a highly realistic metallic "clank" sound; a beautifully engineered mechanism. The bolt catch also holds the bolt open allowing easy hop-up adjustment.
  • Authentic laser cut U.S. engravings located on the rear of the receiver.
  • A telescopic scope really sets this rifle off, take a look in our Scopes section.
  • Includes a cleaning rod and approx x100 0.2g BBs. 
  • Note: G&G's EBR models are designed for a higher power limit than our own and as such have thick, heavy hop-up rubbers. This makes them hop-up heavy, even when disengaged; this does not represent a fault. We recommend heavier 0.25g-0.28g BBs, or a thinner hop-up rubber like the Ultimate 50 degree rubber.
  • Fires at: 315fps
  • Weighs: 4240g
  • Length: 860-1005mm
  • Battery: 8.4V/9.6V 1600mAh cranestock/small-type (not included)
    Charger: Not included

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