ASG (G&P) LMT M203 Launcher QD - Short

by G&P
SKU 17195
  • Superb quality short M203 launcher from G&P (rebranded in ASG box) .
  • Fully licensed by Lewis Machine & Tool which means 100% authentic markings on the side of the launcher.
  • Barrel is high quality metal construction and the receiver has a great looking powder-coated finish.
  • 1kg in weight, 305mm long closed and 430mm open.
  • Metal barrel means that it will still stand up to the abuse of skirmishing when you bump it into trees and other surrounding objects.
  • Retention pins hold the grenade in place when opened.
  • These launchers have an innovative QD lever attachment that allows you to install/remove the launcher in seconds. Mounts to any 20mm rail.
  • Works perfectly with Madbull, Mosquito Mold and most other M203 gas shells, including the large MADBULL XM204. Also works with our Grenade Shower 18rd shells. Accepts any grenade up to 115mm long.
  • Durable metal trigger has a firm firing action.
  • Launcher includes a separate trigger guard.
  • A great M203 launcher at a great price.

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