Gate PicoSSR 3

by Gate
SKU PSSR3/21743
  • The PicoSSR 3 AEG Micro Mosfet Unit is an ultra compact Generation 3 MOSFET built to be as compact as possible, requiring the smallest amount space possible, and is water resistant. 

  • This MOSFET is designed to achieve a higher rate of fire and trigger response, as well as protects the mechanical trigger contacts by directly bypassing the contacts and going straight to the motor. 

  • The unit itself is so compact that it can be fit in any Airsoft AEG, allowing you to wire the unit in down buffer tubes and in tight hand guards. 

  • The package comes with everything you need to connect up the unit, with spare wires for different trigger setups. This is perfect for those Airsoft Players who want the absolute best out of their weapon, adding a features which improve the performance of Rifles.

  • Included in the kit:
  • PicoSSR 3
  • 2 x single signal wire for trigger contacts, each 60cm long
  • 3 x heat shrink tube

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