Gate PULSAR D HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth® EXPERT Module V2 - Rear Wired

by Gate
    • PULSAR D HPA Engine (dual solenoid, closed-bolt) with TITAN II Bluetooth® EXPERT
    • Thanks to optical sensors combined with HPA technology, you get an absurd trigger response never before seen in airsoft. Get insane muzzle velocities ranging from 250-650 FPS & ROF from 1-40 RPS for CQB, assault, and sniper replicas.
    • Closed-bolt and the innovative feed system guarantee you a straight and repeatable BB trajectory even in full AUTO – every time. Engine calibration has never been easier – PULSAR D & TITAN II Bluetooth® is introducing innovative cycle synchronization automation.
    • The most advanced and user-friendly GCS app lets you access a multitude of settings and configurations like binary trigger, trigger sensitivity, ROF – live via Bluetooth®.
    • You can even use a remote trigger on your smartwatch. Install the world's smallest and most advanced dual solenoid valve HPA engine in replicas where previously not possible due to size constraints.
    • Choose one of the five nozzles included or use a regular AEG one. Take your HPA replica into the future!
    • SIMPLE – Easy maintenance, thanks to a well thought-out design

    • VALUE FOR MONEY – State-of-the-art technology at the best price

    • COMPACT – Smallest dual solenoid valve closed-bolt HPA engine with innovative cycle synchronization

    • Bluetooth® ETU/FCU CONTROLLED – TITAN II Bluetooth® V2 gearbox drop-in ETU FCU mosfet AEG HPA – the first Bluetooth optical unit in an HPA replica

      • Very high resolution trigger ‎sensor – up to 50 points of sensitivity in the first millimeter
      • Bluetooth® 5.2 – connectivity to other elements of the GATE ecosystem, e.g. STATUS, smartwatch
      • For the first time in HPA replicas configurable fire modes such as BINARY TRIGGER, BURST, etc.
      • Convenient GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS
      • Constant access to software updates
      • AEG COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with AEG nozzles – 5 nozzle lengths included for MP5, M4/M16:
      • 20.30 mm
      • 21.00 mm
      • 21.15 mm
      • 21.25 mm
      • 21.40 mm
      • NO MID-CAP SYNDROME – Eliminated mid-cap syndrome thanks to high dimensional tolerance
      • ACCURACY – High accuracy due to the innovative BB feed system for HPA engines
      • STABILITY – FPS stability in full AUTO mode
      • ACCESSORIES – Use the multifunctional port to connect accessories such as the bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, tracer in the hop-Up chamber, electric magazine power supply. 

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