Gate Tappet Plate - CNC'd POM

by Gate
  • The Tappet Plate is one of the most important parts of the gearbox responsible for the timing and correct BB feed. Such a crucial element needs to combine two qualities – flexibility and endurance. The shape of the fin has been designed to ensure the best nozzle opening times and minimize friction against the sector gear. While testing, we did not notice any signs of wear, even after 30,000 cycles. Especially for the most demanding users, we've marked where you need to shorten the fin in order for it to work properly with DSG gears. We've also looked at the tolerances between the Tappet Plate and the nozzle. For additional nozzle stabilization we've designed tighter tolerances. Increase the performance of your replica with the GATE Tappet Plate.

  • Features:
  • Fin shape especially designed for perfect cycle timing
  • Stable shape and dimensions thanks to CNC machining 
  • Made from flexible and durable POM material 
  • Engraved spot indicating where to cut the fin for DSG builds


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