Gate Titan V2 NGRS Expert Module with USB-Link - Rear Wired

by Gate
  • TITAN V2 NGRS™ is an AEG Control System for Tokyo Marui V2 Next Generation Recoil Shock gearboxes. This is the expert module set.
  • It has a 3rd generation trigger sensor which allows to set hair trigger with ludicrous precision: at least 50 sensitivity levels for first millimeter of trigger movement and even 420 sensitivity levels for whole movement
  • With the included USB-Link you can adjust trigger sensitivity with military precision.
  • The USB-Link works in tandem with the GATE Control Station™ App, giving you full access to TITAN's functions and allows you to update the firmware of the drop-in module and the Tactical Programming Card.
  • The unit has a dual gear sensor and bolt catch sensor what gives full compatibility with Tokyo Marui V2 Next Generation Recoil Shock
  • It has innovative optical sensors instead of mechanical switches that can be prone to faults
  • It has a user-friendly configuration via the GATE Control Station app for Android, Windows and macOS
  • The unit allows for making firmware updates via the internet, what enables improvements
  • It gives you an access to the Statistics and Rankings (in case of Advanced firmware).

Kit Contains

  1. TITAN V2 NGRS with EXPERT firmware edition (rear or front wired)
  2. Installation Kit
  3. Quickstart Guide
  • NOTICE! In order to configure TITAN, you need the USB-Link which is included in this kit. You can also connect via a Blu-Link device (sold separately).
  • Full details can be found at

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