H&K (Umarex) USP Compact - Spring Pistol

by Umarex
SKU 15511/2.5996
  • A great fun pistol based upon the H&K USP Compact.
  • Made entirely from heavyweight ABS plastic, with the weight of the pistol coming in at a decent 540g.
  • Working hammer which can be cocked manually or when the slide is pulled back.
  • Removable single-stack magazine which holds 12 rounds.
  • Safety lever is located on the left side of the frame.
  • Simply pull back on the slide and release it to chamber a BB. The slide must be pulled after every shot to load the next BB.
  • When the magazine is empty, the slide will lock back when cocked.
  • Decent power for a spring pistol, coming in at 150fps with a 0.2g BB.
  • Features a fixed hop-up unit for more accurate shooting over distance.
  • It is important to know what to expect before purchasing this pistol. It is not suitable for skimishing and is accurate to approx 8-10 metres. Perfect for fun target shooting or general plinking.
  • Black in colour.
  • Includes approx. 100 BBs and an instruction manual.
  • Fires at: 150fps
  • Weighs: 540g
  • Length: 172mm

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