Hadron Airsoft Designs G17/G18 GBB TDC Threaded Outher Barrel - TM/WE

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SKU HAD_TDC_threaded
  • Allows external adjustment of the G17/G18 Hop up. With good quality rubber, use 0.3 to 0.5g bb.
  • Remove slide, remove existing outer barrel assembly. Open hop unit barrel assembly, and remove the hop wheel.
  • Re-assemble with a quality bucking, Flamingo or ML Autobot 50 series. ML Crazy jet barrels work exceptionally well in the setup.
  • Insert an H-plate or Fang if required (ideally use for 0.4 and above).
  • Rebuild, and when fitting the HAD outer assembly, ensure to nip up the lower securing grub screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
  • Once the inner/outer are replaced in the upper slide, add the grub screw to the TDC.
  • Refit the upper to the lower, and check slide to TDC grub clearance.
  • This is the threaded version of the TDC.

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