Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 M-TDC Cover - Frame Only

  • As many within the Airsoft community know, the MK23 NBB series of gas pistols are renowned for having excellent range and accuracy, especially for something the size of a pistol.
  • However, to adjust the Hop Up, users must Strip the gun down each time they make an adjustment, which is hardly practical or convenient.
  • This Replacement Dust Cover solves the problem; the new cover features an External Hex Screw which applies pressure directly onto the MK23s Hop Up Arm.
  • Users can now make incremental adjustments to the Hop Up and test fire their MK23 without having to field-strip the gun every time they wish to make another tweak, in addition to being able to make adjustments in-game.
  • Installation is Quick, Easy and as an added bonus does not require tools. This Modification allows Airsofters to drastically improve the performance of their MK23, or use Heavier Weight BBs, without having to replace any other internal components.
  • Should users wish to further Enhance their MK23, replacement Hop Up Rubbers and Inner Barrels may offer even greater performance improvements, however even with Standard Internal components, the Cover Hop Mod allows the use of 0.25g and even 0.32g BBs with little difficulty.
  • All in all, this is incredibly simple but very effective modification is an essential purchase for any Airsofter with a Non Blowback Gas MK23 Pistol.
  • This is the just for the frame only, no adaptor plates are supplied with this item.

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