Hakkotsu Thunder B Pineapple Grenade Package

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  • The best value Thunder B grenade package you'll find in Ireland!
  • This package includes twelve olive-coloured pineapple shells, the main grenade core & fire lever assembly, two safety pins and a spare washer.
  • The Thunder B grenade is powered by a single CO2 cartridge, available separately here
  • To set the grenade, ensure no CO2 cartridge is inserted. Hinge up the fire lever and pull back on the black hammer with your finger until it is fully cocked. At the same time, insert the safety pin temporarily into the hole on the main body of the grenade, keeping the hammer cocked.
  • Hinge the fire lever back down, clamping the hammer in place and remove the pin. Reinsert the pin through the fire lever lock-down hole to lock it in place.
  • Unscrew the silver cylinder core from the main body and unscrew the silver base cap. Drop in a CO2 cartridge and ensure the black o-ring inside the cylinder is flush with the top of the cartridge. 
  • Ensure the protective plastic is removed from the spike on the main body and screw the silver cylinder core, cap and main body back together. Screw the whole assembly into a plastic shell and the grenade is ready to fire.
  • Fill the shell beforehand with BBs or powder for dramatic effect (although the time to detonation decreases).
  • To detonate the grenade, pull the pin whilst holding the fire lever. As you thrown the grenade, the fire lever flips up (it stays attached to the grenade) and the hammer strikes down on the CO2. CO2 is released into the plastic shell, building up pressure until the shell splits with a very loud bang.
  • Do not detonate in small rooms, in very enclosed spaces or directly next to players. Do not throw the grenade with force or onto hard surfaces as damage to the spoon can result.
  • Due to manufacturing differences between shells, not every throw will result in a detonation. 100% detonation is not guaranteed and is the accepted norm with Thunder Bs.
  • Scoring the outside of shells with a sharp knife can increase the likelihood of detonation.


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