Invader Gear 6094A-RS Plate Carrier - Wolf Grey

SKU 25517
  • This plate carrier from Invader Gear is infinitely customize able, with so many features and MOLLE panels it ideal for any load out.  
  • Wide shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit without leaving pressure points on the neck. 
  • In addition, the plate carrier is equipped with large Velcro fasteners and a carrying handle. 
  • Thanks to the design of the cummerbund (here is an adjustable Velcro incorporated) it is possible to adjust the size from S to XL.
  • The cummerbund has 2 mag pouches which are equipped with twill tape and push button (one pocket left and one right in the cummerbund). 
  • The vest is also equipped with a quick-release system (through a drawstring inside the vest, it is possible by a tight train to bring the vest to "fall apart"). Thus, any injuries can be treated easily (by the quick-release system eliminates the annoying undressing)
  • The quick-release system can be reached by means of a Velcro-sealed opening in the back part of the vest.
  • The RS plate carrier from Invader Gear has a perfect fit and is functionally processed.
  • Wolf Grey in colour.

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