ASG Mesh Half Face Mask - Tan

by ASG
SKU 17999
  • Offering great lower facial protection with maximum ventilation.
  • Also protects the side of the face very well.
  • The strap design on the back of the mask is superior to standard types of mask as it has two straps which keep the mask securely in position during play.
  • The dual straps are fully adjustable and made from elastic for a comfortable fit.
  • The mesh is moulded into a facial shape, with the nose sitting comfortably inside the moulded mesh.
  • Mesh is bendable to allow a perfect fit.
  • Eyewear required seperately.
  • Mesh screen is very strong and is unmarked by 300fps shots at 10ft.
  • Tan in colour.
  • Packaging may vary.

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