Invader Gear Predator Combat Pants - Flecktarn

SKU 11530
  • The Invader Gear Predator Combat Pants are made out of ripstop fabric made ​​from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, with double stitching in key areas. This makes them extremely hard wearing.
  • The belt line is padded and is exceptionally comfortable compared to any other trousers we have tried, reason enough to purchase these trousers alone.
  •  In the back immediately below the belt line is a band of elastic breathable fabric that helps with dissipating the heat from your body and at the same time helps when transitioning from shooting positions.
  • This same elastic fabric is found surrounding the knees on both legs, once again helping when transitioning between shooting positions. This isn't a gimmick, it really works. Once you wear a pair of trousers featuring this material, you'll never go back to a regular pair.
  • Flexible knee pads are included on the front of the trousers, which are also removable. You can also adjust the tightness of the knee area via the adjustable straps on the rear of the legs. This same adjustment is also found at the ankles.
  • Also sports two deep hand pockets, two small mid-thigh pockets, two large mid-thigh cargo size pockets and two smaller pockets by the ankles.
  • These trousers come in a Flecktarn pattern.
  • Size Guide: 
  • Small adult size. Fits 31" waist, 32" inside leg.
  • Medium adult size. Fits 35" waist, 32" inside leg.
  • Large adult size. Fits 37" waist, 32" inside leg.
  • X-Large adult size. Fits 40" waist, 32" inside leg. 
  • See photos for size chart.
Waist size has a small bit of adjustability.

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