Invader Gear UBACS Top - Flecktarn

SKU 11522
  • Finished with the Digital Flora pattern, these UBACS tops from Invader Gear are perfect for wearing under tactical vests.
  • The new generation of combat shirts from Invader Gear are designed to be comfortable and lightweight.
  • The central area of the shirt is made from a very comfortable and breathable fabric mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
  • The collar and sleeves are made from a very durable poly cotton rip-stop material that is hard wearing (65% cotton/35% polyester).
  • The collar is equipped with a quality zip from YKK and can be worn open or closed depending on your needs.
  • Large shoulder pockets are located on both sleeves for quick and convenient storage.
  • The elbows are reinforced with an additional layer of fabric which is also intended as a compartment for elbow pads.
  • The cuffs have a large strip of good quality hock & loop velcro for easy adjustment.
  • There is an admin pouch located on the left sleeve of the shirt for pens, sharpies or glow-sticks.
  • See photos for size chart.

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