Jack Pyke Passive Ear Defenders

  • Tested and approved!
  • This product complies with European Directive 89/686/EEC annex VI by means of European Standard EN352-1:2002 "Hearing Protector Safety requirement and testing - Part 1:Earmuff"
  • The appropriate marking can be found on the cups.
  • CE mark was issued by notified body: CHOB HC700 EN352-1:2002 = E9605033 (BIA)
  • These Ear Defenders are "Normal size range" and comply with EN352-1, they will fit the majority of wearers. If the recommendations given are not adhered to the protection given will be severely compromised.
  • When not in use it is recommended to store in a clean dry poly bag.
  • This product may be adversely affected by certain chemicals.
  • Examine products for signs of wear before use, and if found do not use.
  • Weight: 250g
  • Black/Green in colour.

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