Jaeger Precision Titan Hop-Up Nub for Tokyo Marui MWS Series

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SKU SQ9011122
  • Fitting an upgraded hop-up nub into the MWS is one of the cheapest upgrades you can do, with fantastic gains compared to the standard setup.
  • However there is an inherent issue in regards to how the hop pushes on the nubs. No matter which nub you are using, the arm will rotate the nub towards the rear of the hop unit. This means even though you may be using a nub that has a larger contact area, the nub rotates when hop is applied and you don’t benefit from the full contact patch as it applies pressure on the corner.
  • The Jaeger Precision Titan Nub fixes this by adding an enlarged contact point to keep the nub straight as it is pushed downwards. There is only so much contact patch you can get with the standard hop up unit however this is the best way to maximise contact through the pressure path of the hop arm. The guide fins will keep the nub centre and straight for the best possible pressure.

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