Jefftron Active Brake V2 Mosfet - Rear Wired

SKU 35626
  • This Jefftron MOSFET prevents your airsoft gun from potential damage during semi-auto fire mode.

  • It prevents your piston from being stretched, ensures your spring is fully released and generally ensures that the parts in your gearbox are not under strain.

  • This Active brake solves the common issue of multiple shots firing when your gun is in semi mode, often seen in weapons with a very high rate of fire (ROF) or with softer springs.

  • This unit can increase your AEGs rate of fire and offers decreased resistance in the wiring due to the higher quality materials used.
  • This Jefftron MOSFET is fully integrated inside your version 2 gearbox and is compatible with Tokyo Marui standard version 2 gearboxes (Non Recoil Shock).

  • This device comes with drop-in wiring for AEGs where the battery fits in the stock, and also a Deans connector so no soldering is needed.


  • Pre-soldered wires allows faster and easier installation into the gun, it is long enough for all kind of weapons. Simply cut wires to the required length and attach connectors (included in the package).

  • On the devices are four pre-soldered high quality 1,5qmm (AWG16) power wires covered with silicon insulation and two 0,25qmm (AWG24) signal wires.

  • Coated with lacquer, to protect the device against water.

  • Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, LiPo 7.4 - 14.8V).

  • Active braking uses excess energy from the motor to stop it. The braking effect is the most powerful with high torque motor.

  • 6 wires connection.

  • Device size 35x12x7mm.

  • No current consumption in the idle mode.

  • No sparking on switch contacts.

  • Please note - Fitting this part requires gun disassembly and reassembly, and should be fitted by an experienced airsoft technician.

  • Made in Czech Republic.

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