JG Complete V2 Gearbox for MP5/M4

SKU 30767
  • A complete V2 gearbox from JG. 
  • Out of the packet it is configured for an MP5, so it has an MP5 selector plate, trigger and is wired to the rear.
  • Install an M4 selector plate and trigger and it can be put to use in M4 builds (air nozzle length should also be considered).
  • Fully assembled, includes all internal parts, gears, piston, spring guide, switch etc etc.
  • Break in wiring for fuse, fuse housing not included. Wired to small Tamiya.
  • Includes additional full length 20cm wire harness (not shown).
  • M100 spring, power can vary depending on application so having a variety of springs to hand when installing is prudent.

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