JTG Bottle Protection Vest MKII - Red/White

by JTG
  • The second generation, also called MK II, has a mesh fabric inside.
  • In the inner kidney area of ​​the back, the JTG Vest MK II was provided with a rubber elastic band, which enables it to sit securely on the body of the bottle, jar, milk bottle, etc. to be protected.
  • In the chest as well as in the back area there is a Velcro area (15 x 70mm) for attaching patches.
  • For an individual fit, this vest can be perfectly adjusted in the shoulder area as well as in the side area with Velcro.
  • Molle straps enable the individual attachment of other equipment required for use.
  • Perfect for adding a 'tacticool' look to your beer bottle.

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