ASG (KJW) CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Urban Grey - CO2

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  •  New for 2018, the brand new Urban Grey finish!
  • The CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow in an ultra-realistic airsoft pistol with full metal construction, blowback, adjustable hop-up and fully licensed trademarks from CZ. 
  • This is quite a heavy pistol, coming in at 1.1kg!
  • Manufactured under license from CZ, this pistol is designed from the original technical drawings, resulting in a highly realistic look and smooth handling.
  • The Shadow has been designed as an ergonomic pistol, with an exceptionally comfortable contoured and rubberised grip.
  • Front and rear slide serrations make for easy racking of the slide.
  • This model ships with a Co2 magazine but also takes green gas magazines available here. Co2 magazines available here
  • The Shadow comes with fully licensed CZ markings on the slide, detailing "CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow 9 x 19".
  • The pistol is made almost entirely from metal, just like the real steel, with a metal side and frane, barrel, trigger, hammer, front and rear sight.
  • The controls on the pistol are metal unlike the P-09, which include the larger competiotion style slide lock and ambidextrous safety levers.
  • 20mm rail is integrated into the lower frame and allows attachment of lasers/flashlights etc.
  • Front and rear sights are fixed, however offer a great sight picture with the front fibre optic sight in red.
  • Semi-automatic blowback operation.
  • Working slide lock located on the left side of the frame. Safety lever can only be engaged when the hammer is cocked, just like the real steel.
  • Standard 12g CO2 capsules should be used with the CO2 magazine, available separately.
  • Adjustable hop-up is located under the slide (removal necessary).
  • Double action trigger just like the real steel.
  • The trigger itself is complete with a chrome effect finish, much like the barrel and ejection port cover.
  • Authentic angular style hammer.
  • Fully field stripable, just like the real steel.
  • Very respectable accuracy and gas efficiency.
  • Accessories:
  • A whole host of accessories are available for the CZ SP-01 Shadow, including multi-coloured aluminium grip panels and detachable scope mounts, available here.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 1.11kg
  • Length: 212mm

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