Klarus H1A-PL Triple Headlamp - 350LM

by Klarus
SKU flsh_klarush1apl/32097
  • The HC1-R headlamp sports three separate lamps; one is a red lamp, one is a high power cree white floodlight and the third is a white cree spotlight.
  • A bit more oriented towards outdoor runners etc with a stylish black camo headband.
  • Each lamp meets different user needs.
  • Dual switch on top of the unit aids in quickly selecting the required lighting levels and modes.
  • Red light mode and white light mode are operated independently of each other.
  • Takes a single rechargeable 14500 battery (included). The battery can be charged directly with the included cable. You can also use a single AA battery to power the unit.
  • On low floodlight mode, the unit can operate for 20  hours. Runtime at maximum output (spotlight and floodlight, 300 lumens combined) is 5 hours.
  • Beam distance at max output is 61 metres.
  • Reflector of the main unit is the orange peel variety.
  • Weighs just 64g and comes bundled with a very comfortable elasticated headband. You can adjust the angle of the headlamp too, 0-90 degrees.
  • Waterproof to IPX6
  • Dimensions: 66.7x39.6x31.8mm

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