KombatUK 3-Piece Ghillie Suit - Kids

SKU 609613762970
  • A complete ghillie suit from KombatUK which covers the wearer from top to bottom.
  • This complete set includes a camoflauged hood, jacket and trousers. All of the aforementioned pieces are individual items and can be worn seperately.
  • Trousers feature an elastic/drawstring waist and jacket features an elastic waist and cuffs.
  • Easy snap closure on jacket allows quick fitment.
  • The chinstrap inside the hood is fully adjustable and the hood itself features a see-through coloured mesh for optimum camouflage. Eye protection is still required!
  • Despite its size, the entire suit is very lightweight, allowing prolonged use.
  • The undergarmets are finished in a woodland camo effect for when the camo strands do not completely cover the body.
  • The entire suit can be rolled up and inserted into the included drawstring camo bag.
  • Note: Our general rule of thumb is that if you are in your teens, you'll need the small adult size, as the kids suits are a little on the small side.

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