KRYTAC Trident SPR/PDW MKII Bundle - Black

SKU 20843
  • The Trident MK2 SPR and PDW Upper Bundle provides the ability to adapt your rifle to suit your needs. 
  • Change between the Trident MK2 SPR and MK2 PDW upper receivers to gain tactical advantage on the field. 
  • The Trident MK2 SPR features a 13" free floating DEFIANCE hand guard, 15.5" outer barrel and a 416mm inner barrel for maximum range and power. 
  • Install the complete Trident MK2 PDW upper receiver for those CQB games with a 5.2" free floating DEFIANCE keymod hand guard, 5.5" outer barrel and 155mm inner barrel. 
  • The MK2 aluminum receivers feature a modern design style with a stamped KRYTAC logo and include an integrated trigger guard. 
  • Additional features include an ambidextrous fire selector and a locking bolt that provides easy access to the KRYTAC rotary hop-up system. 
  • The KRYTAC rotary hop-up has 15 adjustment settings and a numbered adjustment wheel for a quick reference point to determine how much hop is needed. 
  • At the rear of the SPR is the KRYTAC adjustable battery stock, which features two different battery configurations, nunchuck style batteries can fit in the tubes or a small lithium polymer brick battery can fit at the rear of the stock in front of the buttpad. 
  • Internally, the Trident MK2 SPR and PDW Upper Bundle features a reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox with integrated MOSFET to regulate electronic signals and to protect the trigger contacts. 
  • The corners of the gearbox that surround the cylinder feature a smooth radius, as opposed to a 90° angle, to prevent fracture. 
  • Additional gearbox features include a modular spring guide system that will allow the spring to be changed without completely disassembling the gearbox. 
  • The KRYTAC piston is made of a durable, lightweight polymer and features 4 metal teeth, with the 2nd to last tooth removed. 
  • The Cylinder head is padded with an enlarged rubber bumper to optimize the angle of engagement and to absorb energy from the impact of the piston slamming forward. 
  • Turning all of the drive train components is the KRYTAC high torque motor, capable of 30,000 revolutions per minute.
  • New models now come with deans connector as standard. An adapter is included in the box to change it over to tamiya.
  • Fires at: 320fps SPR/260fps PDW
  • Weighs: 2.7kg SPR/2.27kg PDW
  • Length: 863mm- 945mm SPR / 527mm-610mm PDW
  • Battery Required: 9.6V crane-stock or 7.4V li-po stick (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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