KSC VZ.61 Scorpion Heavyweight (HW) - GBB

by KSC
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  • Commonly regarded as the one and only VZ61 airsoft replica to own, KSC does not disappoint when it comes to the features and quality of this model.
  • This is a gas powered machine pistol; charge your green gas directly into the valve on the bottom of the magazine, insert it to the gun and rack the bolt.
  • Setting the gun to semi-auto fires a single shot at a time. Set it to full auto and the gun will continue to empty the 20 BB magazine in two seconds flat, so long as the trigger remains depressed.
  • Gas blowback, so the bolt cycles on every shot with a noticeable recoil.
  • This is the heavyweight model, coming in at nearly 1600g.
  • Heavy metal upper and lower receiver adds to the realism of this model, it feels like a brick in the hand.
  • When the bolt is cycled, the upper ejection port opens and closes.
  • Adjustable hop-up system (with included adjustment tool).
  • Steel lanyard on base of pistol grip.
  • The folding stock folds up and over the model, locking on place with the two tabs on the top of the VZ.
  • Ergonomic grip that fits the hand perfectly.
  • Selectable safe, semi and full auto fire.
  • Serial numbers may differ slightly from pictures shown.
  • Phenomenally fun gun to shoot! 
  • Additional magazines available here.
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Weighs: 1580g
  • Length: 270mm

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