Prometheus 6.03mm EG Barrel For TM M4A1 MWS - 373mm

by Laylax
SKU 4571443139559
  • A precision 6.03mm inner barrel from LayLax that is designed specifically for the Marui MWS platform. 
  • This barrel has an extremely high construction quality, with a inner diameter of 6.03mm, with a dimensional tolerance of + or - 0.001mm.
  • Outer diameter 8.5mm.
  • Inner diameter 6.03mm.
  • Length: 370mm.
  • Always use high quality bbs with precision barrels. 
  • No compromise was made in material selection using steel that has the strength necessary to maintain its accuracy over time, also eliminating the need for coatings using this high strength material, low error tolerance and highly polished finish. 

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