Laylax M4 Wrench

by Laylax
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SKU 4560282768495
  • Laylax two 2 Way Wrench Tool For M4/HK416 Next Generation Recoil Shock Series & M4 GBBR Series.
  • This wrench is for M4/HK416, but also fits the stock tube ring on M4 Gas Machine Gun Series. 
  • It has two options one for the front delta ring / castle nut which can get loose over time from vibrations at the front of the AEG. And the second is for the castle nut / locking ring at the back on the stock tube which also can get loose through vibrations.  
  • Tightening the front castle nut can often fix 99% of barrel wobble.
  • Its important to keep the stock tube castle nut / locking ring tight, this prevents damage to the stock tube threads. 

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