Laylax PSS10 Inner Barrel For VSR-10 G-Spec - 303mm

by Laylax
SKU 4582109584675
  • A precision 6.03mm inner barrel from LayLax that is designed specifically for the Marui VSR G-spec.
  • Constructed using the technology developed for the EG barrel of Prometheus series. 
  • This barrel has an extremely high construction accuracy, with a inner diameter of 6.03mm, with a dimensional error tolerance of + or - 0.001mm.
  • No compromise was made in material selection using steal that has the strength necessary to maintain its accuracy over time, also eliminating the need for coatings using this high strength material, low error tolerance and highly polished finish. 
  • The barrel cut is specific for VSR-10 G-spec and fits perfectly with the hop unit.

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