Nine Ball Magazine Gas Route Seal Packing Aero - TM G Series

by Laylax
SKU 26127
  • The gas route seal is the join between the magazine you insert and the blowback mechanism of your gun.  
  • The Nineball version is designed with a slightly harder and lower friction material for a faster air flow but also a more firmer seal with the loading nozzle as it passes and a smoother seal as it moves off it.
  • It has a internal ribbed design to provide a better fit and less leakage.
  • You wont see much FPS improvement fitting this item if your current TM seals are in good condition, but it will make it a more efficient gun over all, with better gas flow and reduced leakage.
  • Typically this is where players start upgrading there pistols due to its simple installation and low cost.
  • Pack contains 2 pieces.
  • Fits:
  • Tokyo Marui G Series

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