Novritsch Sniper FPS Adjuster - 3 Pack

SKU 6959374454459
  • Increase the fps/power of your rifle exactly to the legal limit of your field with the fps adjuster rings. 
  • Put them on the spring guide to adjust the muzzle velocity of your rifle.
  • These spacers are designed to pre-compress your spring slightly to increase the FPS of your sniper rifle.
  • The rings are machined by CNC and the material used is a hardened stainless steel.
  • Primarily designed for the Novritsch SSG10 rifle but will fit onto any 9mm spring guide. 
  • Stack up the spacers to fine tune your rifles FPS with these adjuster rings rings.
  • One set includes: 2mm long ring + 4mm long ring + 6mm long ring.
  • Outer diameter: 13mm.
  • Inner diameter: 9mm.

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