Madbull 6.01mm Tight Bore Barrel - 229mm

by Madbull
SKU 16911
  • A precision 6.01mm inner barrel from Madbull.
  • The Black Python is a tried and tested inner barrel. By using a hard anodized coating, the barrel provides the smoothest inner barrel surface possible and and overall reinforced structure. 
  • Its also complete with a great looking Titanium color finish.
  • Precision made in Hong Kong.
  • Features a 6.01mm inner diameter and total length of 229mm.
  • Suitable for barrel lengths as found in MP5s, PDWs etc.
  • Also suitable for all other AEGs that have a 229mm barrel.
  • Improve the accuracy, range and fps of your AEG with this great value for money upgrade.

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